Chapter   1. General Provisions and Definitions Applicable to the Entire City Code Including Penalty for Violation


Chapter   2. Administration and General Government 


Chapter   3. Reserved for Future Expansion


Chapter   4. Building Code and Construction Licensing


Chapter   5. Beer and Liquor Licensing and Regulation


Chapter   6. Other Business Regulations and Licensing


Chapter   7. Streets and Sidewalks


Chapter   8. Reserved for Future Use


Chapter   9. Reserved for Future Use


Chapter 10. Public Protection, Crimes, and Offenses


Chapter  11. Land Use Regulation (Zoning) 


Chapter  12. Subdivision Regulations (Platting)


Chapter  13. Miscellaneous







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                  City Council Meetings

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Where: City Hall Building

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(If the first Monday of the month lands on a holiday, the meeting will likely be moved to the following Monday. Check website for details ).

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